Perth's Premiere Comedy Magician

Roving Magic

The Roving Magic and Comedy Experience

Imagine if you could provide each person at your event with their own personal show by a world-class, award-winning sleight-of-hand artist. With James’s roving magic not only are they personally participating in the show but everything happens within a couple of feet of where they are, perhaps even literally right in their hands. To take the entertainment to an even higher level you then add a sophisticated lovable larrikin who keeps them laughing at the same time with his interactive comedy.

The Roving Magic and Comedy Experience

James polished his roving magic skills by working table-to-table in a restaurant for nine years. Each night he would perform to up to 30 different audiences so these routines have been tried, tested and polished hundreds and hundreds of times. He has now worked at the top end of the corporate market for over 30 years so James is comfortable with any audience and has performed his roving magic for royal families, prime ministers, presidents and senior executives from virtually every major company in Australia.

How Does It Work?

The performance can be tailored to your event providing an icebreaker by performing around the crowd during pre-dinner drinks or moving table to table during dinner. If it’s a smaller event such as an exclusive dinner or a sophisticated private birthday James often presents his comedy roving magic as an intimate floorshow for everyone at once. If you’re having James do his comedy stage show at a larger event he will also include an hour of roving magic earlier in the evening to give your guests a complete magical experience with the best of both worlds.

To discuss the best way to include James’s multi-award-winning sleight of hand at your event please email us below. James would love to help you sort out the details.