Comedy Stage Shows

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It’s like getting a magician and a comedian in one.

Whether it’s at a corporate dinner, a fundraising evening or a gala ball, audiences love a comedy stage show and adding magic just guarantees moments that create lasting memories. James will capture their imagination from the time he announces that one of the audience will have a chance to win a hundred dollars till the hilarious closing routine where James is overcome with love and makes one of his volunteers a special romantic gift. Someone gets hypnotised (well sort of) , there is disco dancing and of course there is knock your socks off magic that always leaves them talking. It’s professional, it’s entertaining and it’s a natural highlight for your event.

But wait there’s more… you get an entire magic entertainment package.

To warm the crowd up James will provide an hour of award winning close up magic and comedy earlier in the event which not only creates a more magical event but allows James to personally connect with the audience, show them his “chops” and leave them excited about your floorshow later.

What sort of experience does James have?

James has been a major player in the Perth corporate market since his teens and has performed his award winning magic and comedy at hundreds of venues including theatres, casinos and exclusive private events. James also works internationally and regularly lectures at magicians conventions both here and abroad. His client list includes virtually every major company in Australia from mining companies and banks to professional organisations and media events. With over 30 years as a professional entertainer it’s a very long list.

How will I know it’s right for my function?

James is more than happy to lend his professional experience to make sure it’s a good fit and everything will work for your event. Whether it needs an email, a phone call or an in person meeting James will help make sure you have all your questions answered and the details worked out. Why not contact us to start the ball rolling?