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Why will the kids love this show?

James works as The Amazing Mr Jim when he does family magic shows and his reputation as a top-line professional is second to none. Mr Jim’s Magic show was developed over 20 years ago and has been polished into an exciting adventure that is everything you could hope for in a children’s magic show. Not only does it have Bubblegum the amazing fluffy angora rabbit and stunning white doves that appear and vanish but the entire show is full of magic happening in the hands of the children themselves. From literally seconds after James starts there are squeals and giggles that continue right through the entire show. It’s magic, it’s comedy, it’s amazing.

Let’s get one of our clients to describe the show…

“There is only one word that describes this show …WOW! It is incredible! As Mr Jim performed one of his unbelievable magic tricks, not only could I hear the children screaming with delight from one end of the centre to the other, but I too was blown away and mesmerised by the magic and could not help but wonder how on earth he performed it (and I am an adult)!. He is so very professional at all times and an absolutely amazing entertainer. I would have no hesitation in recommending any of his shows for future consideration at your next event. You will not be disappointed.”
~ Rima Ghandour, Stockland Riverton Shopping Centre

Does Mr Jim do any other shows for kids?

Mr Jim also has other children’s shows including Drippy the Dragon (kid’s comedy ventriloquist show) and Captain Jim (comedy pirate show) so he can provide a multiple-show package for larger events.

Let’s have a look at The Amazing Mr Jim’s magic and comedy in action…

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Whatever your event James would love to help you make it a fun, memorable, and professional occasion and he is more than happy to discuss with you how to incorporate some comedy magic that will be a highlight of your guest's experience.

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